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the pink bathroom

Have always wanted a pink bathroom but what color combination and where? Unfortunately pink 6×6 tiles approx 15sq meters are unobtainable- your only option is to paint white ones, or get them professionally sprayed. To spray you really need to spray before you lay then white grout, but pencil white grout doesn’t look good. It’s also hard to get other colors to blend with, you have to wait 24 hours for drying between coats and it’s very expensive. To paint, Bunnings sells “white night” paint to do the entire bathroom but the finish just isn’t there- it looks crappy. In my travels as a builder I’ve looked every where for tiles but I could never find enough. Ebay offers 6×6 tiles every now and then at $8 a tile but  you would probably only find a maximum of 10 and don’t forget there’s about 6 different shades of pink. 6×6 is the traditional size in the 50s and 60s.

I did, however, stumble upon a huge source of retro vinyl tiles for walls and floor which was used extensively in various colors. To me, it was the most traditional material I’ve managed to find- the look is so unique and very few people remember it but it portrays the iconic era. Each box I have are new old stock and come with instructions; it’s been a real joy to work with. I decided to put the tiles on the floor of the kitchen instead of the bathroom, but more about that later.

I’ve decided to tile the walls in grey 6×6 with a blue border, all of which are new from Johnston tiles. I accessorized with pink- on a recent motorcycle rally I did my usual tip run and found a nice pink bath in Cooma with no scratches or chips plus a chrome external mounted shower combination with hot water system (As shown, I also have a pedestal basin and toothbrush holder and bath vents plus towel rail holders all in pink).

Now for the hardest of all materials, the floor tiles. I’ve looked continuously for 18 months for traditional tiles. Irregular block was the go then, and I can buy from a chain hardware store in the States, however they don’t ship to Australia. I was just about to give up when from a strange coincidence I found a whole truck load here in Sydney. Some great examples and colors all mosaics in designs I’ve never seen before with quantities all still wrapped in traditional paper and dry!! Ask me about them if you need to know more.  So I’m ready to start tiling .

I have made a vanity, recessed it into the wall, hinged a mirror to it and purchased traditional bullet vanity lights from the States to complete the look. Over the bath I placed a swinging glass door- I would like to get glass etching put on it but the company in Sydney has closed down so I’ll have to think of something else because acid etching is expensive. I will tell you about the wallpaper story next time…      David