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fitting out

So I’ve been away, I’m up to the fitting out of bunk house. The ceiling I’ve lined with fibro- I was going to do it with masonite but the sheets are twice the price ,hard to get and heavy due to the fact that they need to be wet to install. The wall I’m going to use the boards vertically with a distressed look to match the main house. To distress the wood is a process off choosing a colour scheme of three contrasting colours the darkest of which is the base, all in acrylic don’t fill holes or splits, I found a green original cast iron sink from the tip shop so that is my top colour with pink to match the light fittings and maroon as base to match the funky carpet that was taken from a demo site. The bunks and single bed layout is complete and I’ve managed to find on a recent trip to NZ the best power point switches and fluro lights so now the rough is complete the fittings can go on. On ebay localy was a warmray wood heater small and compact which fits neatly on the central wall and exsposed s.s. flue pipe. More pictures to come on that, see you soon


locked up

I cladded the bunk house and it’s now all locked up so I can now move inside and fit it out. The cladding was a struggle putting up 45 8×4 sheets of fibro by my self. The fibro is easy to clad, however the horizontal z metal flashing between sheets is hard to get- I only know of 1 hardware store that has them. Alternatively, you can use “alcor”, which comes on a roll, but you have to remember to turn up the inside before lining. A sheet of fibro is about $20 and available in various sizes. Your frame needs to be set out so the joints align and the sheets are traditionally staggered. The standard procedure on an 8ft ceiling is 1 sheet below window, 1beside window and 1 above, and the off cut does the eave. Horizontal D mold or arc 13 is hard to get in Oregon, so you will have to get it milled. Traditionally, corner angles were asbestos (even if you could find some they would be to brittle) so use plastic ceilings and cedar verticals (don’t use plastic) cover strips. I primed the backs of all timbers in oil base. Fibro is poorly insulated- it’s freezing in winter (which you can fix) and hot in summer, so ventilation is important. At the 2 apex I’ve installed fibro lattise ($80)  to create a cross ventilation. I’ve set out the wall heights to work the sheets, you don’t want strips at the top and bottom. Traditional fascia (bull nose down) and roll top ridge and barge with spears is a good look. I’ve chosen trim deck profile instead of custom orb, primarily to get rid of leaves and branches easier. Because bush fires pose a threat I’ve covered gutters with s.s.wire. External stairs are open with hardwood treads and I have picked up some 50s metal hand rail that matches perfectly from Retro Wombat antiques. $70 with a bit of welding and cutting. Large 6″ decking boards which match the main house are the best with hidden nails and you don’t have to stain if you buy jarra. I wanted a sun-baking area so I designed the deck with a canter leaver overhang on one end. Next to the stairs there is a small door which will give access to the fireman’s pole (just for fun), haven’t worked out how to install it yet though because directly below is the sewer main where i need to dig the pole in! Will have to redesign something. Back soon