fitting out

So I’ve been away, I’m up to the fitting out of bunk house. The ceiling I’ve lined with fibro- I was going to do it with masonite but the sheets are twice the price ,hard to get and heavy due to the fact that they need to be wet to install. The wall I’m going to use the boards vertically with a distressed look to match the main house. To distress the wood is a process off choosing a colour scheme of three contrasting colours the darkest of which is the base, all in acrylic don’t fill holes or splits, I found a green original cast iron sink from the tip shop so that is my top colour with pink to match the light fittings and maroon as base to match the funky carpet that was taken from a demo site. The bunks and single bed layout is complete and I’ve managed to find on a recent trip to NZ the best power point switches and fluro lights so now the rough is complete the fittings can go on. On ebay localy was a warmray wood heater small and compact which fits neatly on the central wall and exsposed s.s. flue pipe. More pictures to come on that, see you soon


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